New Albany,In

About us

We packed up our lives in sunny ​California and left to find a new home ​in Louisville, KY in the summer of 2014. ​Little did we know, this decision would ​lead us to discover the most wonderful ​community and the breathtaking beauty ​of Kentuckiana.

As the years went by and our family ​grew, so did our desire to embrace ​sustainability and impart essential life ​skills to our children. We wanted them ​to experience the profound connection ​between growing and raising our own ​food.

We were blessed with a farmhouse in 2021 in the beautiful countryside of New Albany, ​IN, a place where our dreams could take root. Since then, we've poured our hearts and ​souls into revitalizing the soil and pastures using regenerative practices. Nature has ​become our trusted partner as we strive to harmonize with the local ecosystem. We've ​made a promise to nurture our crops and raise our animals without pesticides, artificial ​fertilizers, antibiotics, or growth hormones. The land has responded with abundant ​blessings.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we strive to cultivate not just food, but also a ​sense of community. Come and taste the fruits of our labor, knowing that every bite is ​infused with love and sustainability.

~ Martin & Ruby

From our farm to your table...

Pasture-Raised Eggs

Our laying hens spend

their days on almost two acres

of pasture, foraging for bugs, and ​grazing on fresh grass.

pasture- raised chicken

Our meat birds are raised in chicken tractors that are moved daily to provide fresh pasture and foraging.

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grass-fed lamb

Our lambs are raised on fresh pasture utilizing rotational grazing,

which reduces carbon emissions and improves soil and animal health.

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Market garden


fruit trees

All our fresh produce is grown with regenerative practices; focusing on natural predators, biodiversity, and soil health to promote strong, healthy plants and fruit trees.

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sourdough bread

We offer sourdough sandwich loaves and ​traditional San Francisco sourdough bread. We ​use high quality, organic ingredients, utilize ​mother dough starter and traditional long ​fermentation for all our loaves!

*Limited supply*

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